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Quirky or funny?

 insulting and rude?

  lovely, kind, caring and sickeningly sweet?

 its your card

your recipient

so YOU choose and I shall address the rest!

Special occasion cards are not always 'in the shops'

So your best pal is in love with his car? there's a card for that!

your pet pooch is having a littler of pups? yeah, we can do new puppy congratulations for the expectant Bitch!

So your sister and her wife are wanting a civil ceremony for their two pet rats? why not!

your teen nephew always reaks of the 'herbal stuff'? let him know you care by addressing his 'hobby' in his birthday card

make the cards you send worthy enough to not just expect a plastic tenner to fall from them

I strive to please when sending cards, the thought that goes into a card is always better than the generic duplicates you get when you reach that milestone. I'm a one woman band, all designs are mine and all verses are thought up by me too.

if its something 'off the wall' you require I will do my damnedest to meet your needs


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